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APC Directs Rivers Assembly To Impeach Gov Fubara


APC Directs Rivers Assembly To Impeach Gov Fubara

By: Barikui Felix, Port Harcourt

The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Rivers State has directed the 27 members of the House of Assembly loyal to the Minister of Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Nyesom Wike, to begin impeachment proceedings against the state governor, Similanayi Fubara.

This directive was given by the Caretaker Committee Chairman of APC in the state, Chief Tony Okocha at a press briefing in Port Harcourt. Okocha said the governor has committed so many impeachable offenses that should warrant his impeachment.

He particularly faulted the governor’s remark when he received a delegation of Ijaw leaders from Bayelsa state, on Monday where Fubara said the State House of Assembly was non-existent.

The APC Chairman said the Nigeria constitution recognized the three arms of government such as the Executive, Judiciary, and Legislative, insisting that the governor has no constitutional power to declare duly elected members of the state Assembly non-existent.

He said, “We have directed members of the Rivers State House of Assembly to commence the impeachment process of a comatose government. The Governor’s head has become bigger than his pillow. He does not respect the law. He does anything he cares to do. We will not sit here as Rivers people to see Rivers State become a laughing stock in the comity of states when we have a Governor who does not know his left from his right.

“A state as crucial and all-important as Rivers State churned out a dunderhead. We cannot accept that. Our charge to the Assembly is to immediately commence an impeachment. And if they don’t do that there is what they call party discipline. We shall invoke the relevant section of the constitution.

“You know the history of politics. You know the constitution of Nigeria. The Governor said the Assembly members do not exist, that whatever thing they are doing is because he allowed them. In other words, he has rewritten the books. Elementary politics taught us the three organs of government and their roles. And goes further to talk about the separation of powers and checks and balances. The Governor was implying clearly that he is ruling Rivers State without laws.

“That Rivers State runs on executive arm and judiciary. So what that implies is simply absurdity. You can now see the tendencies of a dictator. As an opposition party in Rivers State, we will not keep quiet, we will shout. Regrettably, the Governor has taken up to this point and we will not take it. The Governor was unambiguous in his deliberate attempt to denigrate the person of Mr President.

“All these while he has been sponsoring people to challenge the power of the President in the proclamation made by the President. The Governor said that the President’s intervention in Rivers State which he signed was not constitutional but a political solution. But he assented to it, not under duress. The agreement was signed in a friendly environment and the Governor assented to the proclamation and had the opportunity to speak where he thanked Mr President. So nobody forced him to sign the proclamation, he did it willingly. So at what point did the governor realize that the resolution was a political matter?

“The issue again to ask is each of those items for us to drive this home. Nine Commissioners resigned and they were brought back. Then you now began to talk about constitutional issues when the President advised you not to interfere in the funding of the State Assembly. Another area of the Constitution that the President delved into was the conduct of local government elections and the representation of the budget. Among these issues raised, which of these is the Governor talking about that is not constitutional?

“What section of the constitution empowers the Governor to declare the Assembly non-existent? The role of the Governor is proclamation of the Assembly which is done once in four years. The constitution doesn’t allow him for the quarterly proclamation of the Assembly. He dissolved the House and proclaimed the Assembly at the end of the tenure of the Assembly. Mind you the Assembly we are talking about is a representative of the people, they were duly elected. They are not his appointees. So where did the Governor derive his powers to say that the Assembly is non-existent?

“Meanwhile records are there about the correspondences between the Governor and the Assembly wherein he addressed Martin Amaewhule as the Speaker of the Rivers State House of Assembly. We want this to be on record as the Chairman of the APC in Rivers State, as the representative of Mr President, we won’t sit here to see the Governor declare on his own as if he is in court.

“He has become Daniel, who commenced the impeachment of Governor Sim Fubara immediately is sitting in judgment to declare the Assembly members’ seat vacant. To that extent in consultation with my party, we have directed and we are directing the Assembly members and APC members who are in the Assembly to immediately commence the impeachment of Governor Sim Fubara.”

Reacting, Rivers Commissioner for Information, Mr Joseph Johnson, said Okocha is not the Chairman of APC in Rivers State.

“In our jurisprudence, the 27 lawmakers have lost their seat on the day they defected to another party that’s what the law says. The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria section 109 clearly states that and it’s incontrovertible. The law says you cannot put something on anything.

“There is nothing at all to even put on something. The Rivers State House of Assembly does not exist, they are non-existent. The governor said yesterday that they do not exist but out of his magnanimity has allowed them he has even gone further to draw them closer but it does not appear that they don’t understand.”

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