Home News Benin Royal Family Suspends Professor Greg Akenzua For Acts of Rebellion

Benin Royal Family Suspends Professor Greg Akenzua For Acts of Rebellion


Benin Royal Family Suspends Professor Greg Akenzua For Acts of Rebellion

By Oke-Oghene Orogun, Benin City

The Benin Royal Family has suspended one of its members, Professor Gregory Akenzua, for his acts of rebellion against the Benin Traditional Institution.

According to a statement emanating from the royal family, Professor Akenzua among others has chosen to challenge the Benin Traditional Institution through acts that are utterly at variance with the customs and tradition of the Benin people, and the core values of the Benin Royal Family.

“For the avoidance of doubt, the Royal Family wish to emphasise that His Royal Majesty, the Oba of Benin occupies a unique position as the father of every member of the Benin Royal Family irrespective of age. Hence the royal family doesn’t have an Okaegbe, like other families in Benin Kingdom but Odion Egbe who is required by tradition to defer to His Royal Majesty.

“The royal family also notes that in utter violation of the hierarchy of succession to the Odion Egbe position of the Benin Royal Family, Professor Akenzua has been parading himself as the Odion Egbe of the royal family, and has held meetings to assert himself as such when he knows that he is not rightfully entitled to the position being far lower in the hierarchy of seniority in the Benin Royal Family.

“The Benin Royal Family has given ample opportunities to Professor Akenzua to retrace his steps and return to the path of honour and dignity. He has snubbed and rejected the opportunities provided by the Royal Family for him to retrace his wrongful steps.”

The statement noted that the suspended duke betrayed the core values of respect for the Benin customs and tradition; devotion and submission to the customary hierarchy of the Benin Kingdom; and respect for customary arbitration process.

It therefore barred him from participating in any activity connected to the Benjn Royal Family, and warned members not to relate, associate, or engage with him as long as he remains suspended.

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