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Aviation: HYPREP Facilitates Employment of Ogoni Youths


Aviation: HYPREP Facilitates Employment of Ogoni Youths

By: Barikui Felix, Port Harcourt.

The Hydrocarbon Pollution Remediation Project, HYPREP, has facilitated the engagement of five eligible Ogoni youths as cabin crew members by Dana Air and Belazio Air. Those recruited were part of the 13 candidates trained by HYPREP at the Crew Training Institute, CTI, Lagos, and certified by the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA.

Speaking at a recruitment exercise for the first batch of beneficiaries of HYPREP’s cabin crew training carried out in partnership with Crew Training Institute and Dana Air, the Project Coordinator, Professor Nenibarini Zabbey said the exercise is part of the core mandate of the project to create alternative source of livelihoods for Ogonis.

He disclosed that so far, the project has trained 29 in cabin operations and 55 in other areas in aviation. While congratulating the candidates, he urged Ogoni youths to own up to the remediation project and protect it.

He said: “Today’s activity marks a pivotal moment in our collective effort to create alternative livelihoods as we restore the traditional livelihoods of the Ogoni people. As you may know, this is a key mandate of HYPREP, and we are committed to it. We are not just here to recruit cabin crew members but also to create pathways to empowerment, ignite dreams, and build futures.

“I want to emphasize that our partnership with Crew Training Institute (owned by an Ogoni) and Dana Air symbolizes the power of collaboration. Through this collaboration, we provide training and job opportunities and invest in the potential of the Ogoni youth, equipping them with skills that will open doors to a world of possibilities.

“I want to say this again to the young men and women before me: today is more than just an interview. It is a chance to showcase your passion, dedication, and potential to soar to new heights. Each one of you brings a unique story, a unique set of skills, and a unique vision for the future. So far, we have trained 29 Ogoni youths in cabin crew operations, and 19 have been certified by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA). Fifty-five others have been trained in ticketing, flight dispatch, and customer service. We congratulate and urge you to embrace this opportunity with confidence and determination, knowing that you have the support of HYPREP. As you know, HYPREP is becoming a rallying point for the Ogoni people. Therefore, I urge you to own and protect the Project” Zabbey added.

The HYPREP PC said the interventionist agency is committed to doing things differently and called for collaboration of all stakeholders.

“We are committed to doing things differently. On this note, we are actively exploring areas of collaboration with relevant organizations to create opportunities for employment and further mentorship. We are working hard to ensure that our beneficiaries, upon completing their training programmes, are supported, and this gathering today shows our commitment. This recruitment exercise is one of the extra steps HYPREP is taking to ensure that our livelihood training beneficiaries, including the 5000 trainees currently training in 21 skill areas, are employed or move on as capable entrepreneurs. This remains a key aspect of our post-livelihood training strategy,” he said.

On his part, the Gbenemene Bangha Kingdom, His Majesty, Dr. Suanu Baridam commended HYPREP for the exercise.
“Sponsoring a cabin crew recruitment exercise as a way of giving back to the community and empowering the youth is a commendable initiative by HYPREP in Ogoni Land. By providing opportunities for local youth to join the cabin crew, HYPREP is not only supporting the professional development of individuals but also contributing to the economic empowerment and growth of the community,” he said.

Clinton Emegah, Head of Human Resources, Dana Air congratulated the successful candidates, adding that CTI and HYPREP have created a ready-made talent pool for recruitment for the industry.

He urged them to expand the training to other areas of the aviation industry.

“I wouldn’t want to limit it to only cabin crew, there are other areas like engineers, drivers, pilots, administration, technicians, flight dispatchers, these are various positions including quality and control,” he said.
He urged HYPREP to do more by engaging more youths in other skills and inviting more organisations for recruitment.
Some of the beneficiaries, King Meneyii and Constance Onyeomah thanked the project for the opportunity.
“It wasn’t easy honestly from the beginning, we went through a lot of training but today we are happy that we have been able to put smiles on the faces of our loved ones and families. I say thank you so much to HYPREP because I have been dreaming of being a cabin crew and today it has been given to me,” Onyeomah said.

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