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INC Vows To Resist Under-Hand Moves To Remove Fubara

By: Felix Barikui

Following the face-off between Rivers State Governor, Sir Siminialayi Fubara and the State House of Assembly, the Ijaw National Congress, INC, has said it will not accept any attempt by the lawmakers to remove the governor through undemocratic means. President-General of Ijaw National Congress, INC, Professor Benjamin Okaba stated this in Port Harcourt, adding that Ijaw nation would do everything to protect the governor against harassment.
He frowned at the lack of respect for the governor’s office by the lawmakers and some local council chairmen in the state.

The Ijaw leader noted that the governor does not need the approval of the legislature to appoint officials or members of his cabinet in an acting capacity. He warned those beating the drums of war to allow peace to reign in the state as the Ijaw nation is watching and would respond appropriately should anything happen to the governor.

“The Ijaw National Congress as the Umbrella Operative Organization of the Ijaw Nation and as Guardians of the Socio-Political and Cultural Interest of Ijaw People Worldwide, has observed with deep dismay, the recent political wrangling in Rivers State between the Legislature and the Executive.

“The House of Assembly’s duty in civilized democracies around the world is the making of laws for the welfare, peace and good governance of the society, while the duties of the Governor are clearly defined; governance, the appointment of senior state officials in the political arm of government and thirdly, through his cabinet, to bring about infrastructural and human capital development.

“The constitution is very clear about which officers and in what capacities clearance has to be sought. The conditions for Acting appointments are not the same as substantive ones. Substantive appointments need clearance, while temporary appointments are stop-gap appointments and do not need any form of clearance or approval. This is evident in the case of President Tinubu, the Service Chiefs, and the Inspector General of Police. It would be recalled that all the Service Chiefs were given temporary appointments before their names were submitted for confirmation by the National Assembly for their respective substantive positions. What is good for the President at the Federal level is also good for the Governor at the State level of governance.

“It is also worthy of note that central to the issues of this imbroglio is RESPECT. A situation where there is no decorum, protocol, and decency in the way and manner the House of Assembly and certain Local Government Chairmen in Rivers State address the Chief Executive of Rivers State is unacceptable to the entire Ijaw Nation and all people of decency in the whole wide world.

“Rumours abound and signs are palpable that this entire macabre dance is for the Rivers State House of Assembly to proceed with an Impeachment Notice on the Governor, should he be confrontational. This, if carried out will not be tolerated or accepted by the Ijaw Nation across the Niger Delta and beyond. The Ijaw National Congress, therefore, wishes to restate that ours is to sue for peace, and therefore, ask for serious caution.

“This plea for restraint is not from a position of weakness but from a position of advanced knowledge and education. Nobody can define the path of any lit fire and indeed no one can define the direction of a lit fire on a harmattan grass lawn. We give this advice in good conscience believing that the volatile Oil-Rich Niger Delta and the Ijaw Nation are watching”.

“Finally, we hope that the drums and the signature tunes for this macabre dance are not coming from outside influencers, for we know how to respond appropriately to such dramatis personae,” he said.
Okaba commended Governor Siminalayi Fubara for showing character and not being distracted by the provocative statements of a local government chairman.

While denouncing the ethnic coloration of the crisis, the Ijaw leader, however, warned Ijaws in the assembly of the consequences of betraying an Ijaw man.

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