Home Environment CSO”s Urge Government Action Against Gas Flaring in Niger Delta.

CSO”s Urge Government Action Against Gas Flaring in Niger Delta.


CSO”s Urge Government Action Against Gas Flaring in Niger Delta.

….Advocate for Green Energy Transition

By Katherine Abayomi, Port Harcourt

In a recent appeal, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) urged the government and all relevant stakeholders to take immediate action against the persistent issue of gas flaring in the Niger Delta region.

The CSO groups emphasized the need to transition to clean and green energy sources to mitigate environmental and health impacts and promote sustainable regional development.

This appeal was made during the annual conference of Nigeria Coal Network in collaboration with the Don’t Gas Africa campaign network held in Rivers State, Nigeria.

The Coordinator of the Nigeria Coal Network, Mr. Friday Nbani, called on the government to fully implement renewable energy.

“We are uniting to strengthen collaboration efforts that are good for a better environment where we can end gas flaring and Coal mining. We do not hate development; we are looking at the implications of the two perspectives, gas flaring, and coal mining, which are damaging to health and the environment.

“We are trying to see what alternative we can provide for the Nigerian government to adopt for transition into renewable energy. Green energy is friendly to human health, the environment, and everyone.

“The Nigerian government needs to invest in renewable energy; it’s working and friendly. We have heard that the Nigerian government will end gas flaring several times, but it remains on paper. We want it to be a real commitment. Let the full force be there to end gas flaring. The common man does not have what it takes to stop it. The government should also stop issuing coal mining licenses. Friday further retorted,”.

Dean Bhebhe, a South African speaking with newsmen, mentioned their intention of breaking free from the energy apartheid neocolonial structure.

He further stated, “We are using this campaign to try and find a better future where there is energy that is people-centered, for the people, and by the people.

“There were a few improvements last year, 2023. African countries are committing to renewable energy, especially countries like Kenya, Namibia, Rwanda, and Ethiopia.

“Nigerians need to come up with a people’s declaration, a declaration that will commence on the energy transition plan and push back on the gas investment that has been launched.

“Africa has fundamental and essential resources, minerals, such as aluminum, copper, manganese, etc., which are crucial ingredients for us to become a renewable energy giant within the emerging energy system. Our big problem is that we do not have the right financing, and we need to fight for a renewed energy project.

“I believe we will find our power to fund the transition that Africa truly deserves.” He concluded.

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