Home Politics Heavy Police Presence at Obio/Akpor Council as Power Tussle Escalates

Heavy Police Presence at Obio/Akpor Council as Power Tussle Escalates


Heavy Police Presence at Obio/Akpor Council as Power Tussle Escalates

Nelson Chidiebere, Port Harcourt

A team of armed police officers, in pickup vans, has stormed the Obio/Akpor Council headquarters just hours after a visit from the Governor’s Chief of Staff, Edison Ehie, and the Chairman of the National Youth Council of Nigeria (South-South and State chapters), in a dramatic escalation of the ongoing power struggle.

A tense and dramatic scene unfolded as the police officers ordered everyone to vacate the council premises, prompting a scramble to comply with the directive amid a palpable sense of unease and uncertainty.

Prior to the police arrival, at 12 p.m., hundreds of youths had gathered at the council premises, taking control of the area. They were seen walking around, beating traditional drums and dancing to music, creating a lively and festive atmosphere, seemingly celebrating their occupation of the council.

The council secretariat’s parking lot had been transformed into a makeshift kitchen, with women busily preparing food. A lively atmosphere pervaded the grounds, complete with music and celebration.

It was a scene of jubilation and fanfare, but the mood was short-lived. The arrival of the police soon brought an abrupt end to the revelry.

Despite the lively atmosphere, a contingent of police officers was present, forming a human barricade to prevent the youths from entering the administrative and legislative buildings. This prevented any potential vandalism or destruction of property and valuable assets.

The police presence served as a buffer, maintaining a delicate balance between allowing the youths to express themselves and protecting the council’s property.

The Guardian reports that a few moments later, the police deployed their riot truck and used tear gas to disperse the defiant protesters, attempting to break up the demonstration and restore order at the council headquarters.

Following the development, traders at the popular Rumuoko market in Port Harcourt scampered in panic, abandoning their wares and fleeing the area in fear of being caught in the crossfire or affected by the tear gas, as the situation spiraled out of control and the police crackdown on the protesters intensified.

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